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Mr Bees Manuka lines are a personal and lifestyle range of products being 100% natural. Our products made from a selection of ingredients with medicinal benefits are all handmade in Australia. The brand is founded by an Australian family. The Mr Bees Manuka Skincare & Lifestyle range of products have the ability to treat skin disorders. Our products also have the added bonus of great well being & creating a healthy life style.

Our products dont just condition but moisturise your skin beautifully. These products generate healing, treating many painful skin conditions, keeping you looking younger, healthier with softer smoother skin.

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Your biggest organ in your body is your skin, your skin needs to be cleansed and moisturised every single day. Our products are 100% natural, with no added chemicals or synthetic additives, all ingredients are farm fresh from nature to you. When you apply Mr Bees Manuka, you are not just applying a moisturiser or conditioner to your skin. Our products have a powerful healing and rejuvenation with one of the worlds most natural medicinal applications for your skin.


Farm Fresh and clean,  just like great food the fresher the ingredients the better the meal. We stand on this one principle for all our products. Everything is completely free from parabens and unnatural ingredients that go into the Mr Bees Manuka products. Only natural will be acceptable.


Yes it will.. The science professionals and the medical world have proven and authenticated that organic bi products from Bees have powerful medicinal properties. Therefore Mr Bees Manuka has a high concentration of Medicinal ingredients in every product.  So when applying our product, it is antibacterial, antifungal, it is an antiseptic and a antihistamine.

Leptospermum Scoparium, commonly called Manuka is the correct name of the compound.  Due to this  fauna or (plant) having this powerful compound in it called Methylglyoxal, with it;s unique with it’s healing properties. Also this is packed with up to 25 times more antibacterial strength then found in any other honey. ” Mr Bees Manuka is amazing and it works.”



A product does everything, moisturise, condition, treat and heal many skin disorders including :  dry itchy skin, itchy palms, all over body itch, cracked heels, split fingers, psoriasis, eczema, athletes foot, dermatitis, tinea, shingles, mouth ulcers, ulcers just to name a few and many more.

Kreme Plus suits any skin type even sensitive skin. Packed with Natural “Vitamin A” full of antioxidants, it is a antiseptic, anti-bacterial and is also anti-inflammatory. Stimulates new skin cell renewal, an absolute miracle cream, to read more  ClicK Here

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Deeply condition, soften & water proof & protect all types or colour of Leather or Vinyl also suitable for Rubber, Plastic, Terra a Cotta, Canvas, Slate & Marble. Rejuvenate restore Handbags, Belts, Car & Boat Interiors, Caravans, Saddles, Lounges, Leather Jackets Shoes & Boots and more.

Water proof sealing & naturally shining, protecting all treated & untreated Wood, inside & outside Furniture sealing from Mould. Seal Chopping boards, stopping bacterial from penetrating the surface, just wipe over and your done, to read more  ClicK Here

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A mothers love is Baby Care Gold being the ultimate moisturiser conditioner for every mother’s precious child. With Manuka a powerful healing ingredient & a selection of natural gentle oils being perfectly balanced, to match any child’s skin.

A perfect barrier cream for repelling any irritation or burning from nappy soiling. Baby Care Gold treats or heals nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis, cradle cup or teething, dryness of skin, unevenness of skin condition, redness or irritation, a perfect gift for any precious child, read more  ClicK Here

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Tattoo Plus is the all in one ultimate caring product for fresh ink or to just maintain your favourite Tattoo. Remove redness fast and avoid long scabbing periods for super fast unbelievable healing. Tattoo Plus is perfect to apply to any brand new Tattoo with powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Maintain to keep your ink like new, slow or stop fading with powerful blend of ingredients rich with “Vitamin A” & rejuvenating natural oils soak re-hydrating your skin.  With added Sun Protection to prevent your ink from UVA and UVB fading, read more  ClicK Here

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Velvet Lips is your ultimate lip balm, all natural, fresh and clean, apply for sore cracked or dry lips, for a naturally healthy glow and look which comes natural with our Velvet Lips Peppermint Bliss.

The soothing balm regenerates, replenishes and revitalises your lips now with a blast of fresh cool peppermint bliss. Velvet Lips is addictive, once you apply you won’t stop, rich with “Vitamin A” & antioxidants with a fresh cool Peppermint Bliss Blast, youll absolutely love it, read more  ClicK Here

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Fresha Food Wraps is to eliminate plastics from our kitchens for a healthier more sustainable way to store your food. Fresha Food Wraps are a natural alternative for storing Fruit and Vegetables, Dairy products, School lunches, Covering Bowls or just about anything.

If you are sick of using glad wrap, with the harmful effects of BPA and chemicals from plastics. If you would like to contribute to a more sustainable effect on the environment, reduce our landfills areas from harmful plastic, Fresha Food Wraps is your new natural choice, read more  ClicK Here


Athletes Foot:

Symptoms of scaly, itchy, stinging or a burning rash with raw or moist skin present treat or heal issues with Kreme Plus.


Dry Sore Lips:

Cracked lips, deep cracks, corner mouth cracks are painful & ache especially in the weather, treat or heal with Velvet Lips Peppermint Bliss.


Dry Itchy Skin:

Drives you insane, irritation, flaky skin affects your appearance, treat or heal using Kreme Plus.


Itc hy Hands:

Interrupts your daily activities & routines with red scratch marks being left behind on your hands, treat or heal with Kreme Plus.



symptoms of scaly, itchy, stinging or a burning rash with raw or moist skin present treat & heal issues with Kreme Plus.



Redness with itching and rough hard thickened skin may develop oozing over time, treat or heal with Kreme Plus.


Tattoos :

50% quicker recovery, reduce redness, swelling & your scabbing period. Aftercare keeping your ink fresher & brighter, with strong SPF protection, heal and care with Tattoo Healer.


Baby Skin Care:

Soft & gentle moisturiser or conditioner for babies skin, treats & heals nappy rash, eczema & craddle cup, treat or heal with Baby Care Gold.