Our Story  Mr Bees Manuka   How we started and why we are here ? 

In the begining, how it begun…

Mr Bees Manuka is all about family, an Australian brand founded by an Australian family with natural ingredients sourced and supplied by local Australian farmers.

Our Mr Bees Manuka is manufactured by hand, yes it takes us a little bit longer to produce doing it this way, but this is the way we like it. Every pot of product we produce is 100% natural but also comes packed with love, care and a piece of family.

Inspiration from Family history…

Four generations ago, great grandfather was a property owner in the Riverina area in NSW, owning three large Sheep stations and farming wheet. In those days living off the land was a way of life.

During that time period, homesteads would produce everything were possible, including creams and balms with natural ingredients available from the land. These kreams and balms were used everyday for general skin care as moisturisers and for medicinal solutions when needed for family members, farm hands and house help.

Generations forward, Manuka honey drinks in our family became very popular for maintaining great well being as the science world discovered the powerful medical benefits of Manuka.

We decided to reinvent our family heritage, with the influence of those old remedies and recipes of old, into our new boutique range of personal care products, using the worlds most powerful natural ingredient being Manuka.

From our great grandfather George the station owner to today, our family values and the traditional way of life from past generations, are now alive today in Mr Bees Manuka.

With time, care and patience, we have recreated the formulations of old, perfecting them into the products they are today.

We have produced Mr Bees Manuka to be used everyday, in every way and we have a product for almost every need, with the worlds most powerful natural ingredient, the king of honey being Manuka.

enjoy and thank you…