FAQS,   Gotta  A  Question ?

Product Questions - Which product is good for me to try?

Kreme Plus – for all kinds of skin types, for mild or extreme conditions and to be used as a general conditioner and moisturiser.

Kreme Plus Click Here


Baby Care Gold – for babies & children in nappies, a gentle moisturiser & conditioner & great healer for nappy rash; eczema; craddle cap.


Tattoo Healer – for all new tattoos for accelerated healing, sun protection, maintenance, barrier protection for deterring fading.


Velvet Lips – soft & gentle balm, cotes your lips, healing dried, cracked or split lips with a peppermint blast that freshens your breath.


Shine & Sealer – a conditioner and protectant with a natural shine for all leather; vinyl; rubber; canvas; treated & untreated wood.

Shine and Sealer Click Here

Product Questions - I have sensitive skin are your products going to work for me?

Yes they will.. our products are made from all natural ingredients and designed to work for all different types of sensitive skin and also for mild to extreme skin conditions, including Eczema, Psoriasis, Nappy Rash, Athletes Foot, Tinea and many more.

We do suggest before using, apply to a  small patch of your skin as a test before using on a larger area.

Product Questions - How should i store my Mr Bees Manuka products ? especially in warmer weather ?

All Mr Bees Manuka products like to be stored in conditions of 20 degrees or below.

In the warmer weather Mr Bees Manuka products will be come softer, this is normal and is to be expected because our products are all natural.

We do not add any synthetic additives or hardeners to keep our products hard, if left in extreme hot conditions like a car or hot room they may start to liquidity this is normal. If your product melts or has liquefied, please just place in a cooler area or away from heat and the product will harden up again, this will not affect the future healing or performance ability of the product, you may also place the product in the refrigerator for a short period of time to cool also, but not in a freezer.

General Questions - I am allergic to Bees can I use these products?

If you suffer from allergies to Bee venom or Honey I would suggest not to risk using these products. As a large percentage of ingredients in our products are from Bees.

If you decide to try, please do a very small patch test on your arm to determine if you have any allergic reaction to our product or not.

General Questions - Are your products tested on animals?

No, none of our products are tested on Animals all of our products are completely natural.

General Questions - What makes Mr Bees Products different from other skin products on the market?

It is very important that you check ingredients on all products that you use. Our products at Mr Bees Manuka are only created from natural ingredients, chemical free materials, with botanical ingredients sourced locally, this includes Manuka.

Many other products in the market have chemicals and nasty hidden ingredients or are filled with cheap petroleum fillers, Lanolin, Perfumes or Parabens. Our speciality, is to use Manuka through all of our products with our ingredients having medicinal properties full of very powerful healing compounds. We are also Australian made, owned and operated family business with a hand crafted authenticity to our range. Our products are not mass produced from some off shore overseas factory.

Delivery - How is my item being delivered ? & How much for postage delivery ?

Any Australian orders will be delivered through Australia Post with the associated outlined postage costs below.

# Orders $20.00 or less purchased in Australia will be sent via Australia Post without a tracking number with free postage.

# Orders over $35.00 purchased in Australia will be sent via Australia Post with a tracking number and a flat rate postage cost of $5.00

# Orders over $60.00 purchased in Australia will be sent via Australia Post eParcel service with a tracking number with free postage.


# Any international customers may have their order sent with or without a tracking number at the below different costings.

$25.00 with a tracking number via EMS or Australia Post international. 

$15.00 without a tracking number via EMS or Australia Post international.

Delivery - How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Australia : Victoria- 1-2 business days –  All other States 3-7 business days.

International Orders World Wide – 7-14 business days.