Manuka Honey for Skin Care Cream & Ointment is Great for Conditions including Acne and Eczema, not just to Eat!

Manuka Products Are full Of Goodness


Manuka honey is famous, when mentioning it to most people, they know of it’s great benefits being a very healthy choice, but also has wonderful taste if drizzled on some fruit or perhaps a piece of toast, but did you realise that it is medicinal/ antibacterial and antifungal? Antibacterial is the word meaning nature’s natural antibiotic. Manuka honey heals wounds on animals and human beings being used by medical professionals for many years. The secret is now out, and the world is realising it’s great benefits.

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Manuka honey has a history in Australia and New Zealand but was has not become known until the late 1980’s. A scientist found a added dose of microbial-killing activity being Methylglyocal which is only unique to Manuka. Honey in general is the ideal to rub on a skin wound because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce scarring and speed up the healing process. Imagine Manuka being 100 times more powerful. This is why Mr Bees Manuka uses this as a base for all of our skin care products.

Why Use Our Products?

We have created a completely natural product called Kreme Plus which is a Manuka Honey Cream & Ointment.      A  blend of other natural ingredients including Leatherwood honey & Jojoba oil. Kreme Plus has the name the skin and miracle body healer being able to treat and heal many skin complaints. A great moisturiser, it also has a great long lasting effect as it is a barrier cream and repells water. If you apply it in the morning you will not need to re apply until later on in the day e.g you can wash your hands 10 times. If you have dry skin at all, Mr Bees Manuka will go down into three layers into your skin which will penetrate all areas keeping the area moisturised, soft and subtle.

Keme Plus (honey skin care cream and ointment) can be used for-

* Ulcers (mouth or on body)
* Eczema
* Psoriasis
* Face (moisturiser)
* Acne
* Dry Itchy Skin
* Athletes Foot
* Tinea
* Jock Itch or Thrush
* Cuts
* Allergic reactions
* Mosquito bites

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