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Shine & Sealer   Protects, Shines, Sealing all wood, Leather & Vinyl

All about Shine & Sealer :

Mr Bees Manuka Shine & Sealer is your ultimate answer to maintaining your most treasured possessions whether that is the softest leather handbag or lounge suite or to your most favourite pair of RM Williams. Shine and Sealer is perfect for your grandmothers favourite Chopping board or raw Cedar kitchen bench or bar.

Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer is perfect for all types of Leather, Wood, Rubber, Nylon, Plastic, Marble, Terracotta and more. Even better, Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer is completely natural, so with any access on your skin, you just rub it in.

Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer is such a beautiful product, you are going to be tempted to rub it into your skin instead of using it on your items. Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer is not a polish nor is it a wax, it is a product you have most likely never ever used before.

Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer once applied to either Leathers or Woods the oils immediately penetrate relaxing and softening the material, nurturing the leather or wood leaving it soft and supple, reversing any effects of dryness which causes material to become brittle and also split. Mr Bees Manuka Shine Sealer preserves the looks and extends the life of what ever you are applying it to. Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer contains NO chemicals, lanolin or animal fats.

Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer applies on very easily, no buffing of rubbing is required, just wipe on and wipe off and you are ready to go. Not sticky, also does not stain yours hands and is completely natural, does not smell and a little goes a very long way, you will never ever want to use traditional boot polishes or liquid colour polishes or waxes ever again, once you have tried Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer.

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Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer is very affordable and very economical to use, as a guide to show you how far it really goes, Mr Bees Manuka shine and Sealer will do the following amounts of items 250 – 350 pairs of Shoes, 15 Lounge suites; 70 Leather jackets; 50 Drizabone Jackets.

After the applicator has been moistened with Shine & Sealer after being first used. You would dip the applicator in the tin once, collecting enough Shine and Sealer on one side and that would be enough for a pair of shoes, go in again and repeat and that is enough on the applicator to do a leather jacket, go in again there would be enough Shine and Sealer on the applicator to do a leather lounge chair and so on. As you can read, Shine and Sealer goes a long way and can be used on 100’s and 100’s of times.

We do many many events and shows with demonstrating Shine and Sealer, we amaze customers applying quickly to their leather shoes with under 1 minute using Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer completing a new like finish, without rubbing or buffing, so dont delay and purchase yours today.


” Just amazing & many say the same, youll love it “


Shine & Sealer..

Treat & Use On:

Personal Items (Leather, Vinyl or Leatherette):
Shoes; School Shoes; Work Boots; Bags; Purses; Wallets; Cases; Belts; Gloves; Jackets; Drizabone Jackets; Saddlery; Work Folders; Phone Cases; Tablet Cases;

Kitchen Items (Wooden):
Chopping Boards; Bread Boards; Cheese Boards; Wooden Kitchen Benches; Vinyl Boards;

Furniture (Leather, Vinyl or Leatherette):
Lounge Suites; Sofas; Antique Chairs; Side Board Cupboards; Tables; Chairs; Bars; Wooden Furniture; Treated or Untreated Furniture;Glass Tables & Chairs “use around the edges or trimming“

Outside in the Yard: (Wooden or Artificial Material):
Outdoor Wooden Furniture “stops wood from drying out and splitting“; Nylon Seats “stops seats from drying out and fraying“;
Gardening and Outdoor Furniture; Terracotta Pots “keeps moisture in the soil waterproofing the inside“.

Cars, Trucks and Vehicles (Leather; Vinyl or Leatherette; Rubber, Vinyl or Plastic):
Car Detailing; All Upholstery; Vehicles Dashes & Consoles; Tourneau Covers; Rubber Bumpers; Rubber Seals Around Windows;Protective Strips;

Marine and Boating (Leather, Vinyl or Leatherette, Rubber, Plastic, Wood):
Decking; Leather & Vinyl Upholstery; “stops mould” Stitching On Canvas” “stops from fraying”. Dry Lubricant for Zippers;

Wet Rooms (Grout):
Bathroom Grout between tiles “seals and kills mould“; Laundry Grout between tiles “seals and kills mould“.

Other Materials you may apply the product to: Plastic; Canvas; Slate; Marble.

Packaging Info :

# Weight 150gm | Dimensions 82mm x 82mm x 36mm
# Shine & Sealer likes to be stored under 30 degrees celsius
# An applicator is included with your purchase

Water Proof :

Yes Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer is water resistant, so what ever Shine & Sealer is applied to Mr Bees Manuka Shine & Sealer will repel water. This means water will just bead off, water proofing & protecting your valuable belongings against water damage, decay and mould with Shine and Sealer.

How does… Mr Bees Manuka Shine & Sealer Work ?

Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer works by adding natural elements to your Leather, Wood or chosen material by moisturising, conditioning and protecting what it has been applied to eg; Leather or Wood and other material need to be treated the same way as your skin. Your skin needs to be cleaned, moisturised, conditioned and protected and so does Leather or Wood and any material with a porous surface. 

Any surface that is able to absorb needs this type of maintenance. Animal fats or polishes only sit on the top of an item and even though it may add a shine, the actual material does not receive any nourishment. Bacteria and germs are also known to break down Leather or Wood which also causes mould.

Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer is Anti-fungal, so when it comes to protection against mould and mildew, Shine and Sealer protects your items against such damaging fungi. These fungi are normally caused by being exposed to water, or to continual moisture or dampness.

The natural oils in Mr Bees Manuka Shine and Sealer penetrate absorbing through to the base. Shine and Sealer is not made with water, the oils remove the dirt and grime relaxing the material, a breathable layer is formed on the top of the item. Shine and Sealer leaves a strong protective seal from water absorbing and stopping where ever it has been applied to from drying out, improving the look of the material and extending its life.

100% IT WORKS..” try it, easy & hassle FREE to use ” 

shine_sealer_shoes_ working_example

Yes… we are completely natural from nature

Natural ingredients is the only standard that is acceptable
for Mr Bees Manuka products. Natural is why our products
are so good and so effective for everyone that uses them.

At Mr Bees Manuka we have simple philosophy, just like a
good restaurant with great food uses good quality ingredients.
We use good quality ingredients keeping the same practises.

We do not use any added additives, synthetic substitutes,
artificial enhancements or fillers. In our range of products
natural medicinal ingredients is your assurance they work.

100% IT WORKS.. try it ” no rubbing or buffing ” 

natural_shine_and_sealer_ section

our  guarantee  &  satisfaction  promise  to  you  from  



I know that you are going to absolutely love anything you purchase from of our range of Mr Bees Manuka products, I know and promise that any of our products are going to deliver and perform for you exactly as described.

As an Australian family business we value understanding the importance of a dollar, so we have worked so hard to produce for you the Mr Bees Manuka range from the finest and purest ingredients from nature, to be beneficial to you and your family.

We promise to offer you the best possible customer experience, advice and after sales service. We promise to make sure that just not your purchase experience with us is easy and hassle free, but we are able to advise and help you with all your lifestyle, skin & body care needs after you have purchased from us.

The Mr Bees Manuka range of products are some of finest and purest boutique range of products available today for purchase. We know every product from the Mr Bees Manuka brand are manufactured to satisfy crafted by hand by us here in Australia. We wish you the very best and thank you for choosing to shop with us, we know you are going to love your purchase.





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