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tattoo  healer   Heal & Recover Faster, protect ink and prevent fading

All about Tattoo Healer :

Tattoos are for the young and old men and women, so we have developed a product we call Tattoo Healer that delivers all your needs in one product being Tattoo healing, maintenance and all after care.

Our formulated perfectly balanced blend of ingredients, will repair skin cells and tissue, enhance colour, define shading lines and edges. The medicinal properties in our Tattoo Healer is needed for healing Tattoos and all post Tattoo care, so that the Tattoo you have will look awesome for years to come.

Manuka is known for having the most powerful and natural healing properties in the world, being Antibacterial an Antiseptic an Antifungal and a Antihistamine. Our product is packed with so many Vitamins and antioxidants, i would need pages and pages to list them all, Surgeons advise to use Manuka, Doctors advise to use Manuka, Vets use Manuka on all our favourite loved animals and expensive and famous race horses.

Mr Bees Manuka Tattoo Healer ingredients include, Honeys being Manuka and Leatherwood packed with healing properties. Allantoin and Zinc Oxide which is used for its unique soothing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Zinc Oxide also has SPF values for reflecting UV rays, which also contributes to protect Tattoos from fading. Allantoin is a derivative of Aloe Vera, being full of Vitamin U which has a skin softening action, providing benefits through skin hydration and soothing. DL-Panthenol the D part (Vitamin B5) is another ingredient that will improve and also increase moisture retention in the skin, this is known as the moisturising effect.

A specific blend of waxes is also used, these are packed with Vitamin A which stimulates new skin cell growth. Soft and stimulating oils such as Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil penetrate the layers of your skin to the epidermis and then rehydrate the surface, repairing and keeping your skin and Tattoo supreme.

Avocado Oil in our Tattoo Healer oil is extremely good at hydrating and softening your skin, is it also very good for skin inflammation and has a natural SPF value. Bee Propolis is wonderful ingredient that we use that is perfect for healing and looking after your skin there are any where from 300 – 1000 compounds in Bee Propolis. The majority of these compounds are forms of Polyphenols, Polyphenols are antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body. Greeks used Bee Propolis for treating abscesses, Assyrians placed it on tumors and wounds to fight infection, Egyptians embalmed mummies with it and is the perfect ingredient in our Tattoo Healer.

dont fall victim to nasty tattoo fading


No Nasties:

With every skin product you purchase, it is important to know what is not in it and especially in a Tattoo aftercare product. We do not have any Petroleum Ingredients; Perfumes; Lanolin; or Parabens in our Tattoo Healer, so you can be 100% Guaranteed that your Tattoo and Skin is receiving the best care.

tattoo_healer_ picture_2.

Tattoo Healer MR BEES MANUKA

Treats and Heals :

Arm Tattoos; Leg Tattoos; Back Tattoos; Chest Tattoos;
Face Tattoos; Cosmetic Tattooing; Tattoo Maintenance;
Tattoos in Sensitive Areas; Tattoos anywhere in the body;

Packaging Info :

# Weight 100gm | Dimensions 82mm x 82mm x 36mm
# Tattoo Healer likes to be stored under 30 degrees Celsius

Water Proof :

Yes; Tattoo Healer will create a barrier making your skin water proof with water beading from your skin. Most skin products contain water, so when wearing a product that contains water when  the area is exposed to water, the product will just wash off. Tattoo Healer is a barrier product, once applied to your skin your skin is protected against water. Our barrier protection in Tattoo Healer may be exposed to water up from 15 – 25 times before reapplication will be required.

Tattoos and Tattoo Maintenance

For individuals with brand new Tattoos and Tattoo maintenance

How does… Mr Bees Manuka tattoo healer work & Why?

Mr Bees Manuka Tattoo Healer has been designed to work for you in 2 different ways, this product is the only product we know of when it comes to Tattoo caring products, that will benefit you in 2 different uses when applying it.

1. New Tattoos – Heals

Tattoo Healer will accelerate your healing with up to 50% faster recovery. Tattoo Healer will heal redness, swelling, stop itchiness and increase your skin and tissue repair, stopping infection and any other complication that may occur after receiving a new Tattoo. Tattoo Healer will take you from the Tattooing process to a healed Tattoo ready for the world to see up to 50% faster.

2. New & older Tattoos –

saves protects & Maintains

If you have a Tattoo, you need to immediately start using Mr Bees Manuka Tattoo Healer. Your skin is open to absorb from the outside in, elements penetrate your skin which over time slowly breaks and wears down your personal art, into a blurred and faded shape being devastating to your Tattoo. Our Tattoo Healer protects your skin against Minerals, Salts, Chlorine etc in our water, The Environment, UVA & UVB rays from stripping your skin and your Tattoo from detail and colour.

Mr Bees Manuka Tattoo Healer will protect your Tattoo(s) our special selection of formulated nourishing ingredients will preserve your Tattoo, stopping it from breaking down any further. Using Mr Bees Manuka Tattoo Healer in a maintenance program (regularly using it) is needed for protection to preserve the colour, detail and shape of your Tattoo(s) our Tattoo Healer provides a beautiful deep lustre enhancing all colours and details creating that fresh new appearance out of the studio.

tattooed sleeve example

Yes… we are completely natural from nature

Natural ingredients is the only standard that is acceptable
for Mr Bees Manuka products. Natural is why our products
are so good and so effective for everyone that uses them.

At Mr Bees Manuka we have simple philosophy, just like a
good restaurant with great food uses good quality ingredients.
We use good quality ingredients keeping the same practises.

We do not use any added additives, synthetic substitutes,
artificial enhancements or fillers. In our range of products
natural medicinal ingredients is your assurance they work.

Fast healing, treating redness, swelling & itchiness.

Protect from UV Fading, enhance deep rich colours.


our  guarantee  &  satisfaction  promise  to  you  from  



I know that you are going to absolutely love anything you purchase from of our range of Mr Bees Manuka products, I know and promise that any of our products are going to deliver and perform for you exactly as described.

As an Australian family business we value understanding the importance of a dollar, so we have worked so hard to produce for you the Mr Bees Manuka range from the finest and purest ingredients from nature, to be beneficial to you and your family.

We promise to offer you the best possible customer experience, advice and after sales service. We promise to make sure that just not your purchase experience with us is easy and hassle free, but we are able to advise and help you with all your lifestyle, skin & body care needs after you have purchased from us.

The Mr Bees Manuka range of products are some of finest and purest boutique range of products available today for purchase. We know every product from the Mr Bees Manuka brand are manufactured to satisfy crafted by hand by us here in Australia. We wish you the very best and thank you for choosing to shop with us, we know you are going to love your purchase.




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