Why Buy Beeswax Polish for Furniture, Leathercare & Boots Made With Manuka ?

I you like Beeswax, we have something better then the  traditional Beeswax, please read on. So why buy Shine & Sealer which is better then Beeswax Polish for Furniture, Leathercare, Boots made with Manuka. Compared to your regular boot and furniture Polish, the world is full of products produced and manufactured with chemicals.

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Shine & Sealer is more beneficial for you to use on your loved items; then using Chemical based Products and even better then Beeswax.

A well known product we all know is called Mr Sheen Furniture polish. Ingredients include alkane c10/12,butane, Isobutane and dimethicone just to name a few. Another famous brand is Kiwi shoe polish. Ingredients include naphtha (flammable liquid made from distilling petroleum) and azo dye which is a chemical. These products are a few on the market in Australia and around the world that contain un-natural ingredients. These ingredients have an unknown long term affect on leather and furniture. Why risk your leather shoes or that antique furniture piece with chemicals or dyes.

Mr Bees Manuka makes a product in Geelong Victoria called “Shine and Sealer”. This is better then a  beeswax polish, a beeswax furniture polish, leathercare for boots/shoes and any leather product. Shine and Sealer is completely waterproofs when used on wood and leather. Shine & Sealer protects the surface for up to 3 months.

All ingredients used are completely natural and sourced in Australia supporting Australian farmers including Manuka and Leatherwood honey. The oils we use in Shine and sealer include Jojoba oil which nourishes and protects your leather and furniture. Shine & Sealer better then Beeswax prevents cracks and creates long life to your shoe/boot/furniture piece.


“Before and After Results in Minutes without Buffing”


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Better then Beeswax; So Why Buy Manuka Shine and Sealer ?


* 100% Australian Made
* Use on Any Colour Leather or Wood
* Waterproofs and protects Furniture or Leather
* 100% natural and not tested on animals
* Huge 150ml tin
* Supporting Australian and New Zealand Farmers
* Use Shine and Sealer on Leather, Leatherette, Vinyl, Raw Wood, Treated or untreated wood, nylon, rubber, plastic, canvas, terracotta, slate, Marble
* Included is a free applicator

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